12 February, 2010

the drinking clock

howdy web deizens! i am spending a day in my house for the first time in... well since ireland, uk, italy, france, pennsylvania, ohio, indiana, and michigan. whew!

last night i played a benefit for haiti at UMASS-amherst. i got to sing with the young@heart chorus, hang with my old friend martin sexton, listen to lenelle moise's amazing new poem about michael jackson, and meet an ambitious young acapella group, sonos.

i also saw the following tucked in a corner of the fine arts center prop shop. i stared at it for awhile, wondering exactly how this won-drous machine could possibly work. then i wondered if it was a joke. what do you think???


  1. I have no idea if it's a joke, but I want one and I want to use it!

  2. You know, it's a great idea, but if someone my size used it, I would drive when I was quite drunk. Three drinks might be in the green for the average adult, but for the travel sized adult, three drinks is three sheets to the wind. I wonder what weight that clock is based on?

  3. It's totally for real! Rowan: the large numbers are not the number of drinks, but the number of hours.

    There is a guide for how many notches to move the dial for different kinds of drinks. I can't make it out clearly, but it's more than one notch per drink.

  4. i don't know!!! I can't read the instructions... c'mon show your tat!!! Unless it's on your bum... then I could see your privacy issues come into play.... oh yeah, plus I can't drink at all, basically...

  5. Rachel C: Oh yeah, that makes much more sense. Teach me to read more carefully.

  6. Totally for real!


    Still not sure how to use it, but apparently it's useful!