20 July, 2009

songs from the water

i'm finding it's a lot of work to produce, promote and perform a live TV show every week. not to mention the final two Cabin Fevers fall in one single week... whew! here's the episode 3 trailer... tickets available at the Cabin Fever Website!!

1 comment:

  1. I am looking forward to this one for sure! I meant to come back last week and mention a HUGE Thank You for playing Something Comes "From Rhiannon To Matt, thanks for the tissues". Opening up the interpretation of the song to allow for boy/girl love... My Matt's the one who hands me the tissues after HE turns me into a silly, laughing, drooling, crying little girl. This was also the first of your songs I ever heard, years ago, and has stuck with me since. So yay for more musical goodness tomorrow and thanks for all that has come before! : )