24 July, 2009

SERIES FINALE- episode 4 trailer!

this is your last chance to watch and participate in the live experience of Cabin Fever!

20 July, 2009

songs from the water

i'm finding it's a lot of work to produce, promote and perform a live TV show every week. not to mention the final two Cabin Fevers fall in one single week... whew! here's the episode 3 trailer... tickets available at the Cabin Fever Website!!

13 July, 2009

last chance to buy a subscription + new trailer

it's your last couple days to get the Cabin Fever subscription... you can still watch episode 1 until this thursday.... meanwhile... the episode 2 trailer:

07 July, 2009

tonights the night!

7/7/09 at 7pm
kind of poetic...
if you havent told a friend or bought a ticket:

or this tiny trailer!!!