18 June, 2009


i had this idea: why don't i broadcast live concerts from my house? i mean, i have a really fucking cool house. i love technology and the inter-nets. i've been working on this for a couple months... so here you go with the website:


here's the trailer:

and the schedule:

Tuesday, JULY 7, 2009- 7pmEST
an intimate, acoustic candlit evening in ERIN's living room + tour of her house

Thursday, JULY 16, 2009- NoonEST
interactive, all-request electric set from ERIN's riverside porch

Wednesday, JULY 22, 2009- 3pmEST
ERIN performs classic cover songs about water of all sorts from a rock in the middle of her river. We're not kidding.

Sunday, JULY 26, 2009- 5pmEST
the new album, "Hundreds of Lions", performed in sequence by ERIN and band, from her front yard

Rain Location:
We'll broadcast from the inside of ERIN's Sprinter Touring Van. We're not kidding about that either.

14 June, 2009

the way it should be

found this stenciled on the side of a municipal power box in athens, GA. i say, "amen".

05 June, 2009

a new tenant, a new tenet

i found myself today across the street from the white house. i had just finished lunch with Michael Bracy of the Future of Music Coalition, one of the groups that invited me to new orleans, and i didnt want to get on the metro just yet. so i wandered a little bit around the department of the treasury and eisenhower office buildings (under renovation), and around the grounds of the white house. it brought back memories of family trips to see the national christmas tree and to take the white house tour. and it brought back memories of marches i went on in highschool and gatherings on the mall. DC on a wet, early summer day is literally dripping with business. good business. people bustling around, now doing the work of an administration that points as close to my way of thinking as anything i can remember. what a change. i stood in front of the white house and just took it all in. a great leader lives there again. and my heart swelled a bit with a strange feeling: pride.

PS: i saw michelle's garden, and what i think was a beehive. is it possible the white house is making its own honey?