17 February, 2009

a little bit of a name drop

i have waited as long as possible to post a new blog, because i have been LOVING the responses people have sent me public-ly and privately about the "knee-jerk" post... i have more to say about that... but this morning, i just want to put up something lite. the night i spoke of in the last post, i was opening for bettye lavette. when i met her after the show, she was incredibly complementary and gracious.

"girl, you have written a song about every emotion you've ever had. that is something."

and then we had a great chat about how hard it is to write songs, how important it is to speak your truth that way. and yet, i wanted to know how you could sing other people's songs as convincingly as you sing your own, something i have struggled with, for sure.

"believe them," she said. " you just have to believe them."

and i cant resist posting this one too... guess who, before she got crazy-famous? and whose T-shirt is she sporting?????