08 October, 2008

trouble the water

i just got back from seeing the new documentary trouble the water. i won't try to summarize it here, just SEE IT.

in a related post, i'm still catching up with my back log of writing... so check out september 16...


  1. My state is so backwards, not only did I miss the date it was showing, the only time and place in my whole state available to see that documentary was a sizeable trip away. It would be more worthwhile to donate the money it would have taken to get there. I'll have to wait for the DVD.

  2. hallo.

    saw you play saturday night. i appreciate how thoughtful you are in sharing your stories and in creating such a comfortable atmosphere for enjoying your music all together.


  3. thanks for the tip about trouble the water - we will be bringing it to the theater where i work!

    i, too, caught your performance on saturday. loved to see you play the piano - especially daisy and prudence. beautiful. and happy birthday! your saturn return may have been hell but you got some great songs out of it. looking forward to the new record.